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ARCHÍV - Passport Control 1-41. - MEDIAWAVE Művészeti Műhelyek :: PASSPORT CONTROL 15. KISHARSÁNY, 2009 - FILMEK, FOTÓK, KONCERTEK :: RATKA LUGUMERSKI (Subotica, Serbia)

1. Personal details:
Name: Ratka Lugumerski
Place of birth: Subotica, Serbia

Date of birth: 17. April 1975.

2. Contacts:
E-mail: maratkulu@yahoo.com















Web: http://www.artreview.com/profile/RatkaLugumerski


3. Short (professional) CV:
The anecdote, which I look for, and that is shown through picture, is close to the atmosphere of fantastic horror or weird drama and mainly inspired by domination of great number of pictures. In that way I am trying to build an event of strong contrast between trickery and deliberation against stupidity, clumsiness and confusion. The smooth, carefully designed and demonstrative structure of fashion photography or poster is exchanged with a torn, glued and by itself displaced interpretation. Also using my own photos for collages.
The advertising world today possesses a strong illusion which overpowers everyday reality.


Ratka Lugumerski was born in Subotica on April 17th 1975.
She graduated from the college of applied and fine arts in Belgrade, 1995 -1997.
She attended Art academy in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska 1997-1999
She continued education on the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade, department wall painting 1999-2001.
In 2001, she graduated as painter.


Group exhibitions:

Biennale of students' drawing, Student town, Belgrade, 1999
Drawings, Gallery of 11 stairs in Youth centre, Belgrade 2000
Pure 2000, performance in front of American library, Belgrade 2000
Group of exhibitors for 2000, Students' cultural centre Kragujevac 2000
Graduation exhibition, Museum of applied art, Belgrade 2001.
Biennale of aquarelle, Contemporary gallery, Zrenjanin 2003.
Aquarelles, Contemporary gallery, Ecka 2003.
Sremska Mitrovica salon, Sremska Mitrovica 2003.
International biennale of small format, Gornji Milanovac 2004.
International exhibiton of Ex libris, Mexico 2004.
International exhibiton of Ex libris, Japan 2004.
Belgrade summer festival BELEF (video work – Pretzel) 2004
Group exhibition, Gallery Likovni susret, Subotica, 1997
Palic as inspiration, Big terrace Palic and vestibule of the Town hall, Subotica 2005
Arttech, Festival of the digital art, Pancevo, 2005
Arttech, Festival of the digital art, Pancevo, 2006
FONA 06, Multimedia centre, video presentation, Rijeka, Croatia, 2006
Cultural centre Kladovo, Art collony «KLADOVO», 2006
REMONT, Independent art association, B.C.A. Mosaic and Delta Maxi
7th bienalle of aquarel, Contemporary gallery, Zrenjanin, 2007.
SUBCONTINENTAL CAB, exhibition of six artistsin the Gallery Vinko Percic- Subotica, in the organization og the Museum for contemporary art Voivodina, 2007
FONA 07, Multimedia centre-print, Rijeka, Croatia, 2007.
Starting of investigation 2, Museum of contemporary art Voivodina, Novi Sad 2008
9th International bienalle of miniature, Gornji Milanovac 2008
Contemporary painting in Vojvodina, Subotica, Novi Sad 2008.
Group exhibition of contemporary visual artists from Serbia, Madrid, Spain, 2009
Open Studio exhibition „Anecdote la France“, Camac Art Center,
Marnay-Sur-Seine, France, 2009


Independent exhibitions:

Works on paper: “Kredlike, kikireze, Jurek i Katica i ostale tice”, Students' cultural centre, Kragujevac, 2000.
Project «The ear» multimedial exhibition, Big terrace, Palic, 2006.
The night of the museum „A, ne gdo te...“, Gallery «Vinko Percic», Subotica, 2008.
Project «The ear» multimedial exhibition, Gheto, Split, Croatia, 2008.

I give consent to publish my personal details, photos and films made in the camp on the Mediawave homepage.

Former works: http://www.youtube.com/user/projekatuho

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