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CAFÉS & CITIZENRY PROJECTS - 1-4 stations + bonus :: 1st PROJECT - KISHARSÁNY Hungary - 2-6 August, 2011 Cafés & Citizenry Project :: WORKSHOP DIARY 1-5 days - What happend on the 1th project?

The MEDIAWAVE as visual art foundation emphasized the documentation of the Cafés & Citizenry project.


We've made a two-parts summarizing movie - titled "New Impressions of Cafés" - about the first experiences and opinions (1. part) and the closing concert with interviews (2. part).


And also made a daily video diary. But we had to face the fact - because of the many events - that we have to split the the fourth, closing day to four part - last rehearsals, press conference, slam poetry closing performance with interviews and the closing concert and party. We also shot footages at the day after the closing events.


We also made reports and small documentaries with the organizers and the film workshop participants who worked during the project. Beside these you can watch seperately the slam poetry workshop's closing performance and the music workshop's concert.


If you click here You can watch the movies - with useful informations and photos - in the MEDIAWAVE web archive!





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Passport Controll'24 - Workshops and Application

Application is now open to this year's Passport Controll Summer Workshop and Gathering, at the Kund Castle, Somogyfajsz! You can choose from a range of visual, music, family and gastronomy workshops. Click here for details!