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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PC 39. - "SLOW RIVER..." Mediawave Summer Art & Community Camp, Somogyfajsz, 17-24 July, 2016 :: THE SPIRIT OF "SLOW RIVER..." MOVEMENT


The workshop is part of the “Slow river...” movement started in 2016 by Mediawave willing to focus on personal relations, socail networking and searching the forms of civil and nonprofit cooperations either based on the field of art or communities instead of today’s autocratic trends of business based behavior. Many ways of preserving traditions could be applied, but briefly summerized everyone compared to their abilities and possibilities should contribute to reach the goal by givng something eg. goods, work, consumables, or even money. So to say – it is important – it is not about buying a service. Our intention is reinterpreting and reviving these traditions. Only the ones willing to contribute should join!

A bit more lyrical expressions about the “Slow river...” movement:
“ But sometimes in the far distance, in the countryside there is thundering in the sky. Big raindrops are refreshing and washing away the thick layer of dust. Rills and creeks emerge searching for their way to unite in the same basin outlining a clearer and clearer flow ofsetting current Hungarian festival trends which are definitely shifted to business oriented imbalance mimicking the same template.” /Hartyándi Jenő, 2015/


“Slow river...” is experimenting a new/old form of community togetherness trying to balance the conditions of today’s consumption based trends. We are willing to apply „craftsmanship - based” implementation instead of industrial organization. Started as a „by - product” of the 26 years old Mediawave Selective 2010 in Őriszentpéter, after that within the framwork of Ördögkatlan Festival between 2011-2015. In 2016 we will start at a new location, the Castle of Somogyfajsz and the surrounding natura park. The goal is art-mediation, building communities, living in the nature/living together with nature.


“Slow river...” is the first step of a movement renewing festivals full of new ideas and experimental solutions. Instead of industrialized forms we realize „craftsmanship - based” implementation. We are willing to revive the inherent content of „community celebration”. Instead of passive consumer attitudes we raise active, together shaping approach. We would like to build „community instead of audience”, „education instead of increasing volumes”!

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