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Passport Controll`2023 :: Passport Controll`2023 | Film Workshop


Summer Film Workshop

Call for entries
Kund Castle, Somogyfajsz, Hungary

17-23 July 2023.




Want to experience the excitement and joy of filmmaking? Would you like to try yourself as a director, scriptwriter, actor, cinematographer or would you like to learn the secrets of film editing with the help of experienced professionals? Would you like to spend a week in the picturesque surroundings of the former Somogyfajsz manor house, enjoying the inimitable atmosphere of the Mediawave, which has a 33-year history?




If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, apply soon to Mediawave's summer camp and join us for an experiential, inimitable week of film preparation, scriptwriting, shooting, soundtrack and soundtrack creation, sound and image editing, and an insight into the camp's self-organising community approach! The various music, photography and film workshops that take place side by side in the camp offer a unique buzz, a colourful hustle and bustle and a wide range of the most exciting collaborative opportunities, which you will experience as an active participant, taking on the role of an active shaping participant instead of a "passive receptive festival visitor"!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some film experience, you are welcome.
The workshops of the last 17 years have proven that with a well-prepared subject, you can make a really high quality film in 4-5 days, which can then be screened successfully at various independent film festivals. However, we, the broad Mediawave community, believe that it is the journey itself, the process of making, the experience of overcoming the pitfalls together and the experience of doing so, that is the real fruit of working together. Lifelong friendships can be forged, filmmaking skills can be acquired and deepened - and if a film is a hit with audiences (which is not uncommon!), that's the icing on the cake!





- 17 July 12:00 am | arrival, getting to know each other, start of the workshop: discussion of film projects

- 18-19 July | writing scripts, finalising film projects, casting, scouting, crew building

- 19-21 July | shooting

- 20-22 July | editing, post-production

- 22 July late evening | presentation of the finished films, closing party

- July 23. | departure for home



Mária Vizi - director, dramaturg, scriptwriter

Karina Logothetis (Greece)- award-winner director, scriptwriter, editor (https://www.karina.world/)

Mohamad Ali (Syria)- award-winner director

Hargittai László "Pamacs" - Béla Balázs award-winner editor

Balázs Dömötör - editor

Péter Dömötör - cinematographer

Gábor Szepesi - cinematographer

Jörg Tibor - sound engineer

Vasilis Zlatanos (Greece) - composer, sound engineer

Piousmon Sunny (India) - sound designer, Dolby Atmos Expert




The workshop can provide theoretical and practical training, and the participation fee includes:

  1. Technical background: technical equipment - camera, editing computers (if you have your own equipment, you might bring it in order to make the work smoother)
  2. Camping facilities, use of showers and toilets
  3. Community breakfast and dinner; lunch is optional (vegetarian too) at 2000 HUF/day, please indicate your lunch requirements at the same time as your application!
  4. Professional staff for theoretical and practical training






  1. Send a completed application form to csabamonory@yahoo.com (Application form can be downloaded here or at the bottom of the page.)
  2.  Attach 1 photo of the applicant (for those who have not yet been to the camp)
  3. Availability and link of your own film (if you have one!)





Participation fee: 59.000,- Ft


Payment deadline: 30 June 2023, 14:00.

In case of cancellation, a medical certificate will be requested, refund of 70% of the camp fee (in case of cancellation by 10 July).




The participation fee can be paid as follows:

1. By bank transfer

Beneficiary name: Nemzetkozi Vizualis Muveszeti Alapitvany
IBAN: HU21107000314742210651100005
Please write DONATION and the name of the applicant in the transfer note.

Payment deadline: 30 June 2023, 14:00.



2. Returning workshop members on site




Registration, further information:

(Application form can be downloaded here.)

To register, please fill in the registration form ((download (here)).
Email: csabamonory@yahoo.com
Tel: +36302836021





The MEDIAWAVE Foundation owns the rights to the films produced in the workshops, which can be placed in its online archive and entered in festivals. It also offers authors the opportunity to submit their films to other festivals, but requests that the fact of entry, inclusion in the programme and any prizes be communicated so that it can be placed on the film's website and news page.



For applicants under 18 years, written parental consent is required.

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2024-03-12 22:12

Passport Controll'24 - Workshops and Application

Application is now open to this year's Passport Controll Summer Workshop and Gathering, at the Kund Castle, Somogyfajsz! You can choose from a range of visual, music, family and gastronomy workshops. Click here for details!