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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PASSORT CONTROL 12 - GYŐR, 2009

The annual spring training of Passport Control Workshop was taken place between 13th and 22nd February, 2009. We looked forward for 10 exciting days apart from the small number of participants.
At the first weekend – from Saturday evening to Monday night – a professional shooting, Attila Antal’s “Take It with You” happened. For further information please visit www.filmfundgyor.hu. The post-production of the short film is being under process but put on screen at the opening ceremony of Mediawave 2009.

For more pictures of the shooting please click here

The other short film was Dávid Csicskár’s “Own Goal” in local teens acted.

The workshop applicants dealt with studio and animation photographing during 10 days; the photo animations can be seen on http://revaiszin.blogspot.com and later on Passport Control website too.

CSICSKÁR Dávid: Own goal

Eszter GALICZA, Balázs TÓTH: Everyone needs some smoothness

Gergely PAPP: mizeri


Edit VÁCZI: Potato, rope, coffee / Bear with sad fate in the morning / Bear with sad fate in the evening

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2023-06-25 015:05

Greek filmmakers at the Passport Controll Summer Workshop

Two Greek filmmakers will come to this year's Passport Controll - Summer Art Workshops and Community Gathering, to lead film workshop for students. Film director Karina Logothetis and sound designer Vasilis Zlatanos won the award for the Most Original Short Film at the 33rd edition of the Mediawave Film Festival this year, with their short fiction Pebble.