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Passport Controll`2023 :: Passport Controll`2023 | Music Workshop


Passport Controll'2023



Music plays a prominent role in the Passport Controll Art Workshops and Community Gathering, which will take place from 17-23 July 2023 at the Kund Castle, Somogyfajsz. Participants will be able to choose from a variety of music workshops led by professional musicians who are at home in rock, blues, folk, improvisation and world music, and have a long tradition of delivering unique workshops around the world. The names will probably sound familiar to many of you, but it is important to note that the workshop is open to all and welcomes all instruments and voices.




György Ferenczi and the Rackajam (17-18 July)

György Ferenczi - vocals, diatonic accordion, violin, guitar
Ádám Apáti - accordion, bass guitar, vocals
Levente Kormos - guitar, vocals
Miklós Jankó - cajun, drums, vocals
Gábor Bizják - French horn, melophone, vocals
Zsolt Pintér - mandolin, guitar, vocals


Since summer 2008 György Ferenczi has held several music workshops in the framework of MEDIAWAVE (camp, festival, Rómer Haus). Previous workshops here!


18 July 2023: György Ferenczi and Rackajam acoustic concert with The Flock Project.

Miquéu Montanaro (17-22 July)

Miquéu Montanaro is a French musician, composer and a true Provençal troubadour. From this year he is officially the professional leader of the Mediawave Chamber Orchestra. This year, he will concentrate on playing/improvising film soundtrack, and he has many surprises in store for the participants.


Previous workshops here!

Tamás Geröly (19-20 July): AFRICAN CLOISTER

Sándor Geröly Tamás Tamás is one of the most prominent and diverse drummers of the Hungarian free, ethno and avant-garde music scene, jazz drummer, teacher at the Béla Bartók Conservatory, and long-time friend of Mediawave. In his workshop we can get closer to polyrhythmic and polyphonic African music, unusual to the European ear. Anyone can apply without any musical background.





All workshops are self-organised, there may be specific conditions for participation in addition to the general conditions for participation above.

1) Professional background
The camp will provide the theoretical and practical background of a specialist for each workshop and any specialised lecturers. In general, the technical background.

2) Camping facilities
A fee is included in the participation fee, which covers the cost of showers and sanitation in the castle. Those for whom a tent is not suitable can find accommodation in the area.


3) Meals available
The cost of the communal breakfast and dinner is also included in the participation fee (details of which can be found below), lunch is optional but can be paid for at the host castle:
Lunch menu: 2 000.-Ft (please let us know in advance)


Community meal

The community breakfast and dinner has been a well-established practice for many years, and the condition is that the site provides a basic breakfast (bread, cold cuts, etc.) and its utensils and washing-up from the participation fee, but what makes it rich and exciting is that everyone has to bring something local (sausage, bacon, cheese, honey, jam, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) specific to him/her, his/her family, his/her environment. The community dinner is prepared in the evenings (organised in advance) by several families in a stove, with the participation fees paid, taking into account the vegan and vegetarian participants.


4) Application form

The application form is available HERE.


5) Children permission

Children under 18 years old may participate in the workshops only with parental permission (by filling in a separate declaration on the application form) or with supervision, as the camp does not provide full pedagogical supervision.


6) Participation fee

Includes teacher's fees, accommodation, meals and varies from workshop to workshop. Please register your participation by 30 June 2023.











(until 30th June 2023)



Regular fee (over 12 years)

6 days 116 EUR 130 EUR
2-5 days 15 EUR/day + 27 EUR 18 EUR/day + 27 EUR
Lunch (on request) 6 EUR/day


Children under 6 years are admitted free of charge.



The participation fee includes:

the cost of pitching a tent, the use of water, the basic food for the community breakfast provided by the castle (bread, vegetables, basic food), the rest is brought as a community breakfast. Also, dinner is provided as usual, with the cooking being done by the community in the appropriate quantities each day.


If you would like a room in the castle, please contact us separately, as we will be able to reserve rooms depending on the number of teachers, instructors, workshop leaders and guests.


The camping fee would be reduced if you take a task (for ex. you prepare a lunch): the idea is that whoever takes part in a cooking session would have the cost of the ingredients deducted from the camping fee. A receipt should therefore be provided for the shopping, if possible.



Lunch will be the usual, so you can either order from the camp kitchen, which this year will be 6 EUR/person/day, or cook your own. You can let us know in advance and we will communicate this to the castle. At the latest by 10 JULY, we would like to know your lunch requirements so that the castle kitchen can prepare in time to purchase the ingredients.







The participation fee can be paid as follows:

1) By bank transfer
Beneficiary name: Nemzetkozi Vizualis Muveszeti Alapitvany
IBAN: HU21107000314742210651100005
Please write DONATION and the name of the applicant in the transfer note.


2) Returning workshop members on site



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: info@mediawave.hu.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!





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Passport Controll'24 - Workshops and Application

Application is now open to this year's Passport Controll Summer Workshop and Gathering, at the Kund Castle, Somogyfajsz! You can choose from a range of visual, music, family and gastronomy workshops. Click here for details!